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Hey guys,

I haven't used this for anything more than ONTD politcal in years but I thought I'd send you some links to my current social networks.

Twitter: Live thoughts and Live tweets of wrestling, TV, and more...

Tumblr: Fan-art, comic book rants, and other geeky things.

Facebook: Vacation Photos and Avengers Alliance
Boober Nooooooo!

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Ladies and gentleman please do not panic but SCREAM! SCREAM for your lives! The TINGLER is loose on this livejournal. It you don't scream it maykill you. SCREAM! SCREAM

Bart WTF

Set Your DVRs

GoBots: Battle of The Rock Lords is airing today on HDNET Movies at 12:15 p.m.

I'm not sure which is more puzzling.  The fact that this actually saw a theatrical release or the fact that someone actually decided to remaster it for HD Television.
Dragon Warrior Slime

Going Up Late

Here's an improve comedy bit I helped with for Marshall University's student produced talk show Up Late!  Basically I'm showing a young journalism student by Emmily McKenna the ropes on how to interview people.  It soon ends up going into very weird territory...  Also this clip features the music of a local band called No Pause.  Enjoy